• InterstellarOpen or Close

    To the Stars Through Competition!

    In 2010 a startup approached us with an amazing idea for a web application that would motivate students to learn and transform peer culture throughout schools worldwide. Today, 'Interstellar' features live, online academic competition for every Grade and Course. Through their April 2011 launch, Oyez Studios delivered on all aspects of product conceptualization, branding, wireframing, UI design, development and project management.

  • Culinary BackstreetsOpen or Close
    Culinary Backstreets

    A Foodie’s Guide to Istanbul

    Culinary Backstreets is THE definitive guide to eating locally and authentically in Istanbul. Beyond the kebab – and what you will find listed in most guidebooks – lies a wide range of unique Turkish regional cuisines and restaurants with hints of Balkan, Caucasian and Middle Eastern cooking. Oyez Studios is proud to have branded Culinary Backstreets, designed the app's fluid UI and developed their intuitive content website.
    Download the iPhone app | Visit the site

  • DENCOOpen or Close


    DENCO has achieved tremendous success since the Chicago-based construction management firm opened their doors over 10 years ago. Oyez Studios should know as we have worked with them from the start. Together we just rebooted the firm's website and marketing efforts to better reflect their explosive growth and deep service offering.

  • Oprah WinfreyOpen or Close
    Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah iPhone

    "Ever wish you could get sound advice on all that life has to offer? there's an app for that..."

    Oyez creative director Mike Perrone designed the UI for the iPhone app that allows millions of Oprah fans to engage and connect in a new way. The app delivers premium content including direct alerts from Ms. Winfrey herself.

  • The Weinstein CompanyOpen or Close
    The Weinstein Company / The Promotion

    "I have a tattoo on the back of my neck..."

    For his directorial debut, writer/director Steven Conrad ('The Pursuit of Happyness', 'The Weather Man') tapped Oyez Studios to create a viral marketing campaign, which included a uniquely animated microsite for the motion picture release of 'The Promotion' starring John C. Reilly and Seann William Scott.

  • Wyborowa VodkaOpen or Close
    Wyborowa Vodka

    Wyborowa Single Estate

    When we heard Wyborowa commissioned Frank Gehry to design their Single Estate bottle, we were blown away. So obviously when they asked us on to create their in-store print collateral for the brand's US launch, we jumped out of our seats. Taking cues from the exquisite bottle design, we delivered creative that conveys a fusion of Polish heritage & contemporary sophistication.

  • Height SecuritiesOpen or Close
    Height Securities

    "I Feel a Change Coming On"

    Just as President Obama was being sworn in (literally) and the economy was nearing total collapse, two trailblazers with stones the size of Texas decided to start a financial research firm in Washington, D.C. Let's just say our first meet-up with the duo was love at first sight. Oyez Studios branded Height Securities and has just recently launched the second iteration of their corporate website.

  • International TruckOpen or Close
    International Truck & Engine

    The Toughest Mutha-Trucker on the Road

    When you have north of 4500 employees and revenues approaching 10 billion you can pretty much work with whomever you please, which is why we were honored to work with International Truck & Engine for two years delivering numerous print campaigns – everything from dealer events to a CXT / Kurt Warner autograph session at the Superbowl.

  • Electronic ArtsOpen or Close
    Electronic Arts

    It's in the Game

    Our first assignment for EA was to design and produce 250 hand-painted custom Nike Air Force Ones used to promote the launch of their game title 'Crysis'. Next, we worked with their Canadian office to design a limited edition t-shirt for the launch of 'Army of Two: 40th Day'. It seems every new project with EA is more exciting and challenging than the last.

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  • MBC Wireless, Inc.
  • McGrath Law Offices
  • Mercantile Development, Inc.
  • Miller Dowel Company
  • Monster – Official Motion Picture
  • Murphy Packaging, Inc.
  • Nelson Law Offices
  • Newmarket Films
  • NFL Blitz – Midway Games
  • NHL Hitz – Midway Games
  • North Shore Sewer & Plumbing
  • Office Max
  • Oliver Dogwood Floral Co.
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  • Panasonic Technologies, Inc.
  • Plaza Marketing Group
  • Project Rescue Chicago
  • The Promotion – Official Motion Picture
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  • Republic Engineering
  • Rock School – Official Motion Picture
  • SARAHPOTEMPA- Hair & Beauty
  • Silver City – Official Motion Picture
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  • Sports Safety Group
  • Stander – Official Motion Picture
  • Sydenham Commons
  • Tall Corn Music
  • Tap Magazine
  • Technical Power Systems
  • TLC Learning Center
  • Trilogy Studios
  • University of Texas (Athletics)
  • Unleashed Pups
  • Valor Equity Partners
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  • The Woodsman – Official Motion Picture
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  • Wyborowa Vodka
  • Zaro's Bread Basket
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